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ioBrick: Remote I/O Module

ioBrick remote digital input and output control and monitoring device

      Whaleback Software designed the complete software package for the ioBrick, a remote digital input and output control and monitoring device.  This product was specially designed for the electric power industry to be located in areas where high transient voltages and electrical noise exist.  We chose a fiber optic Ethernet connection for reliable noise-free communications.

Software components designed by Whaleback include:

      Whaleback worked closely with the end-customer, the manufacturer, a hardware design firm, and a marketing/integration firm to bring this product to market.

      We chose the C language for the embedded software with a portion of the boot loader, driver, and operating system code written in ARM Assembly language.

ioBrick circuit boards
Circuit boards for the ioBrick.
Power and I/O board is on the left; communications and CPU board is on the right.

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