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Sequence of Events Record Viewer

SER Viewer editing screen
A typical editing form of the SER Viewer

      The Sequence of Events Record Viewer (SER Viewer) is a custom application designed by Whaleback Software to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system for electric power utilities.  The viewer combines the sequence-of-events (SOE) record files from the equipment of several different manufacturers and displays the records in a single view window.

      SER Viewer also allows the user to generate and edit configuration files so that meaningful point names, state labels, and other categories can be associated with the events.  Although SER Viewer supports on-screen form-based editing for the configuration, standard spreadsheet or database programs can also be used to edit the configuration file.  The operator may specify filtering and sorting criteria to view selected sections of the event data.  The program will generate on-screen reports, printed reports, and file reports suitable for processing by third-party report generating applications.  It can be used as a standalone program or in conjunction with an HMI display on a substation computer.

      Whaleback Software designed and implemented the SER Viewer in C++ using the MFC libraries.

      The distribution CD includes an installation program, documentation, and context-sensitive help.  The software was written for and is sold exclusively by the customer.

SER Viewer event display
A typical sequence of events record display on the SER Viewer program

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